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How to ship and pack product: A Makers India Seller’s Guide

Welcome to Makers India! In the dynamic world of e-commerce, effective product shipping plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction and the overall success of your business. This article is designed to assist Makers India sellers in optimizing their shipping processes and product packaging for a seamless and delightful customer experience.

Section 1: Shipping Process

1.1 Order Notification and Confirmation:

  • Sellers are notified via registered email and WhatsApp number when an order is placed.

1.2 Processing Time:

  • During product listing, set accurate processing times.
  • Coordinate with scheduled pickups based on the chosen processing time.

1.3 Order Packing:

  • Pack products securely to prevent damage during transit.
  • Use appropriate packaging materials and customize packaging based on product specifications.

1.4 Shipping Label Generation:

  • Shipping labels are sent to sellers in PDF format via email and WhatsApp .

1.5 Label Application:

  • Print and securely attach the shipping label to each package.
  • Ensure all necessary product information is included.

1.6 Scheduled Pickup:

  • Be prepared for the pickup agent’s arrival.
  • Hand over securely packed and labeled products during the scheduled pickup.

1.7 Shipment Tracking:

  • Customers are sent there tracking details to keep them updated about their product

1.9 Delivery Confirmation:

  • Upon successful delivery of the product, you will be notified, and the status on your seller dashboard will be marked as completed, and then you can withdraw your amount after 7 days of delivery. For more information about the withdrawal process, please refer to the following article (withdrawal process).

Section 2: Product Packaging

2.1 Quality Packaging Materials:

  • Choose durable and suitable materials for packaging.
  • Consider the nature of the products when selecting materials.

2.2 Tailor Packaging to Products:

  • Customize packaging based on the specific requirements of each product.
  • Ensure adequate protection for fragile or sensitive items.

2.3 Box Dimensions:

  • Pack products in boxes with dimensions appropriate for the size and shape of the item.
  • Avoid excessive empty space within the box to prevent movement during transit.
  • Note: The product dimensions directly affect the volumetric weight and hence the shipping cost for your order. It is advisable to provide the exact shipping details in each product i.e., the package dimensions and weight to avoid additional charges. If you enter/input the right shipping details on each of your products, there’ll be no additional charges i.e., free shipping for all of your products/orders in the seller care package. We do not charge for shipping from our sellers. It is a service we provide for free to all of our sellers/vendors.

2.4 Weather-Resistant Packaging:

  • Use weather-resistant materials to protect products during transit.
  • Consider environmental factors that may affect packaging integrity.

2.5 Documentation and Information:

  • Include a packing slip or note with essential product details.
  • Provide clear instructions or additional information when necessary.

2.6 Adherence to the Makers India Guidelines:

  • Follow the packaging guidelines outlined by Makers India.
  • Stay informed about any updates or changes to the guidelines.

2.7 Labeling and Sealing:

  • Seal products securely to prevent tampering.
  • Apply labels and markings clearly for easy identification.

By following these guidelines, Makers India sellers can enhance their shipping and product packaging processes, leading to satisfied customers and successful transactions on the platform.

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