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Glowing Deals: 10 Must-Have Candles Under 500rs

10 must have candles under 500

Welcome to our candle paradise where luxury meets affordability! Discover an array of must-have candles under 500rs that will transform your space into a haven of tranquility and warmth without breaking the bank.

Female Body 4 inch Candles, Venus Bust Statue, Goddess Statue, Naked Body Statue, Large Woman 4 inch Body Candle, Torso Figure Funny Candle

1.Female Body candle

Crafted with precision, our female torso candle embodies grace and beauty. Ideal for enhancing any space with its artistic flair. A stunning addition to your décor or a thoughtful gift.

Sun and Moon Face Candle Soy Wax Premium

2. Scented Moon candle


Indulge in scented moon candles, offering celestial ambiance and soothing aromas. Perfect for relaxation and adding a magical touch to any space.

Seashell Candles

3. Scented Sea Shell Shape Candle

Transform any room with scented sea shell candles, bringing coastal charm and delightful fragrances. Crafted to evoke seaside serenity, perfect for enhancing relaxation and creating an inviting atmosphere in your home


scented bubble candle

4. Scented bubble candle

Elevate your ambiance with our scented bubble candles. Delight in their enchanting aromas as they create a cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of carefree moments and joyful bubbles. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any space.”

HandMade Venus De Milo Roman Goddess Art Sculpture Soy Candle Choice of Scent & Colour

5. Venus Candle

Transport yourself to the realm of love and beauty with our Venus candle. Its enchanting fragrance and elegant design make it a must-have for creating a romantic atmosphere in any space

Human Skull Candle

6. Human Skull Shape Candle

Add a spooky vibe to your space with our skull-shaped candle. It’s fun and unique, perfect for Halloween or anytime you want a little edge.”

scented bubble candle

7. Polaris fox scented bubble candle

“Elevate your ambiance with our scented bubble candle. Its playful design and delightful aroma evoke memories of carefree moments. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any space, creating a cozy atmosphere that sparks joy.”

Pure Beeswax Owl Candle Harry Potter Halloween Animal Candles

8. Pure beeswax owl candle

Experience the natural beauty of our pure beeswax owl candle. Handcrafted with care, it illuminates any space with a warm, golden glow, while filling the air with a subtle, sweet fragrance.

Floating rose candle

9. Floating Rose Candles

Introduce enchanting elegance to any setting with our floating rose Candles. These intricately designed candles gently float atop water or any flat surface, infusing the air with a subtle floral scent while casting a soft, flickering glow for a serene ambiance.

Rose Heart Candle

10. Rose heart candle

“Infuse your space with love using our beautiful Rose Heart Candle. Crafted in a heart shape with intricate rose design, it brings a romantic touch to any room.”

Illuminate your space affordably with our curated selection of candles under 500 rupees. From soothing scents to elegant designs, these candles offer both style and serenity without exceeding your budget. Transform any room into a tranquil haven with our must-have picks, each crafted to bring warmth and ambiance to your home. Embrace the glow of affordable luxury and elevate your atmosphere today with our handpicked candle collection under 500 rupees.

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