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Katana of Kozuki Oden – Ame No Habakiri White Enma – Life Size

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7Prepare to witness the legacy of the mighty samurai, Kozuki Oden, and wield the awe-inspiring Katana that once graced his hands. Introducing the life-size wooden practice Katana replica of Kozuki Oden’s Ame No Habakiri White Enma, measuring an imposing 104 cm! This extraordinary sword faithfully captures the essence of Kozuki Oden’s legendary weapon, inviting you to step into the shoes of a true warrior.


Let us explore the exceptional features that make this Katana replica truly extraordinary:


Legendary Replication: This replica meticulously recreates the grandeur of Kozuki Oden’s Ame No Habakiri White Enma. From the exquisite craftsmanship of the blade to the intricate details on the hilt, every aspect is faithfully replicated, immersing you in the remarkable presence of the samurai’s revered weapon.


White Enma’s Might: The name Ame No Habakiri carries the weight of legend, and this replica does justice to that legacy. With its formidable appearance and symbol of power, this Katana replica embodies the indomitable spirit of Kozuki Oden, channeling his strength and unwavering determination.


Life-Sized Grandeur: Measuring an imposing 104 cm, this Katana replica mirrors the true size of Oden’s iconic weapon. Its dimensions exude an aura of authority and evoke the spirit of a true warrior, allowing you to step into the shoes of Kozuki Oden with every swing.


Unyielding Resilience: Crafted entirely from wood, this Katana replica ensures a safe training experience while honoring the authenticity of the legendary weapon. Train with determination, honing your skills, and embodying the strength and resilience of Kozuki Oden himself.


Collector’s Pride: For devoted fans of Kozuki Oden and collectors of exceptional artifacts, this Katana replica is a coveted addition to your collection. It serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the samurai, paying tribute to his legacy and enduring presence.


In conclusion, the life-size wooden practice Katana replica of Kozuki Oden’s Ame No Habakiri White Enma, measuring an imposing 104 cm, is an extraordinary artifact for any enthusiast of samurai culture or dedicated cosplayer. With its faithful replication, imposing grandeur, and unwavering commitment to safety, this replica allows you to channel the legendary strength of Kozuki Oden. Prepare to embark on a journey of epic proportions, wielding the weapon of a true warrior and honoring the indomitable spirit of a revered samurai.

Weight0.335 kg
Dimensions110 × 7 × 7 cm


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