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How to Add a Product on Makers India Marketplace

Are you facing a problem in uploading Products? 

Let’s make it easy just follow my steps

Login to your Makers India account using the Login button on the site.

Go to My Account Page then click on the store manager tab or directly go to the store manager page

Once you’ve logged in, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – click on the product icon, add new for a new product.

Makers India Seller Dashboard

Step 2 – Click on Add NEW icon present on the right-hand side

Step 3 – fill up product details

  1. Select product type
  2. Mention product title
  3. Mention product price
  4. Add product images
  5. Write short Description
  6. Write long Description
  7. Select categories
  8. Add tags
Add new product page

Step 4 – For adding product images click on the image icon present on the right-hand side

  1. Set image
  2. Add title
  3. Add caption
  4. Add description
  5. And click on select
Select your product featured image and gallery

Step 5 – Inventory setup

  1. Add SKU
  2. Manage stock
  3. Sold individually
Inventory/ Stock settings

Step 6 – Shipping setup

  1. Set weight
  2. Set Dimension

(that will be the measurement of the packaging, not the product )

  1. Set shipping class
  2. Set processing time
Product shipping setup

Step 7 – Attributes setup (For product variations)

Product attribute options
  1. Set color
  2. Set size
  3. Any other variable you offer by clicking on add button below
Add attribute options

Step 8 – Linked setup

( these are some extra features for sellers to showcase more of their product )

Choose Upsells and Cross-sells products from your store

Step 9 – Product policy setup

  1. Shipping policy
  2. Refund policy
  3. Cancellation/Return/Exchange policy
Add your product-specific policy

After fill up product details click on SUBMIT

Process done

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