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Getting Paid: Know Your Payment Process

This guide provides detailed information about the payment process for sellers on Makers India. Understanding when and how you get paid is crucial for managing your finances effectively. Below, we outline the different scenarios under which you can withdraw your earnings and important policies related to payments.

Payment Withdrawal Options

Instant Withdrawals

  • Eligibility: Available upon successful verification from the customer.
  • Condition: Applies only if the customer has verified the order successfully with no pending disputes.

Automatic Withdrawal

  • Time Frame: Payments are processed automatically 7-14 days after the return period expires to ensure no returns are pending.
  • Cancellation: If a return/refund or replacement is requested within 7-10 days, the automatic withdrawal will be canceled, and the product will be will be will be returned to the seller.

Advance Withdrawals on Backorder

  • Eligibility: Available for verified sellers with products listed as backorder.
  • Verified Seller: A seller who has successfully completed three order cycles with no returns. Learn more about becoming a verified seller here.

Payment Timeline

  • Withdrawal Approval: Once approved, it may take up to 5-7 days for the amount to reflect in your bank account and 1-3 days for UPI transactions.

Charges and Deductions

  • Final Amount: The withdrawal amount is the final amount to be paid to the sellers after all deductions, including the platform fee and sales tax.
  • Learn about the Platform Fee
  • Understand the Sales Tax

Policies on Returns and Cancellations

  • Damaged or Defective Products: Makers India reserves the right to cancel orders, return products, and refund customers.
  • Excessive Returns/Cancellations: Sellers receiving 10 consecutive returns or cancellations will be blacklisted and required to undergo the verification process again.

Support and Assistance

Understanding the payment and withdrawal process is crucial for managing your transactions and ensuring a successful selling experience on Makers India. Familiarize yourself with all terms and conditions to effectively manage your payments.

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