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  • Human Head Planter Female Face Pot

    This planter pot is a great item for your indoor plants’ needs

    The products size is 12.0 cm x 15.1 cm x 14.0 cm

    Our products are specially produced in 3D printers. It is ideal for magnificent home decoration and office decoration. You can use the products with pleasure, there is no harm in terms of health. It is made entirely of organic materials.

    This product can be a gift for living room decoration. It can also be preferred as a homemade flower vase. It is good for a housewarming gift.

    I hope this brings you happiness and luck.

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  • Naked female body vase
    The product is made in 3d printed in 2 different sizes


    15 cm / 20 cm optional
    6.0 inches / 8.0 inches

    ** Set of 5 color options includes 2 different sizes.

    Color: White, Black, Grey, Gold, Bronze


    ** Plants NOT included

    If you are in a rush in your order, please drop us a message for Express Shipping.

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  • 3D Printed Orbit Vase is a Uniquely Designed and Eco-Friendly Vase. It is 3D printed on an FDM 3D Printer and takes 8 hrs to make. Made from Biodegradable natural PLA made from corn starch and is generally considered food safe. The great feel this Product gives is unmatchable and makes a point over contemporary works. The modern look, the complex geometry gives a unique experience that is unprecedented.



    • Height: 11.5 centimetres
    • Width: 6.9 centimetres
    • Depth: 6.8 centimeters


    • Height: 15.0 centimetres
    • Width: 9.0 centimetres
    • Depth: 8.9 centimeters
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